WooCommerce Development Services We Offer

BrainSpate offers a range of industry-best services to provide you with an experienced team of WooCommerce developers with captivating appearances and world-class features. Let’s take a look at these perfect WooCommerce services, from customized development, upgradation, and migration, to maintenance.


WooCommerce Store Development

If you want tailor-made detailed WooCommerce solutions through personalized theme development, plugins, and any other modifications, BrainSpate is there for you.


Plugin & Extension Development

BrainSpate team of WooCommerce developers can help create new plugins and customize WooCommerce platform through WordPress hooks and filters, enhancing the website with new features.


WooCommerce Speed Optimization

Boost your WooCommerce website's performance with our expert "Speed Optimization" services, ensuring faster page load times and a seamless shopping experience for your customers.


WooCommerce Website Migration

WooCommerce store development team at BrainSpate is skilled and expert in migrating sites from another eCommerce platform to WooCommerce, while maintaining industry standards and norms.


WooCommerce Theme Design & Development

We can create customized templates and themes to provide a seamless and visually appealing fully functional WooCommerce shopping experience for customers.


WooCommerce Support & Maintenance

We provide your WooCommerce website with regular maintenance and also implement updates for better user interface, security, performance, etc.


WooCommerce Headless Development

BrainSpate developers can build the front end and the back end using different advanced technologies and join them with APIs for the best experience.


WooCommerce API Development

We can help integrate your website with external applications for custom WooCommerce solutions by utilizing RESTful APIs.


Customize Your WooCommerce Store

If you have a WooCommerce store and want a complete overhaul, we can help customize it with advanced WordPress plugins along with other custom solutions.

Best WooCommerce Development Company

Being the top-notch WooCommerce development agency, BrainSpate maintains the latest trends and techniques involved in eCommerce website development. Our development team can provide you with WooCommerce theme designing, plugin development, API integration, and more.

BrainSpate prioritizes client satisfaction, high-quality customization, timely project delivery, competitive pricing, and more. So we use the best tools and tech to develop robust, and scalable eCommerce websites. Whether you are from fashion or automotive, or you are a startup or a well-established brand, we can provide outstanding WooCommerce development services.

Want High-quality WooCommerce Development Services?

It doesn’t matter which industrial domain you are from or what size your company is. Reach out to us and we’ll provide you with the best-quality WooCommerce website development services.

WordPress for Enterprise

Being a part of the WordPress ecosystem has its perks. WooCommerce is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. It can help create the best enterprise-level eCommerce websites by customizing them with excellent themes and plugins.



WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly. First off, the website architecture itself is search friendly. Moreover, it can help create responsive and mobile-friendly designs so that you can reach the mobile user base. But most importantly, there are several SEO plugins that can help your website reach the top of the SERPs.



With WordPress, you can expect excellent speed for your WooCommerce website. Like WooCommerce, there are other plugins that can help improve the speed of your website through caching, CDN, image optimization, lazy loading, and more.



WordPress has a robust framework that allows for easy and extensive customizations and expansion of your eStore functionality. It has a powerful system of hooks and filters that allow developers to modify and extend the functionality of WordPress design and development.

Mobile Optimization


WordPress is one of the best website development platforms for mobile optimization. It uses things like responsive themes, mobile-first themes, mobile-friendly SEO plugins, etc. So the users can easily access your WooCommerce website on their mobile devices.

Open Source


Being open-source, anyone with enough knowledge can customize the WordPress (and WooCommerce ) core and its themes and plugins to improve the design and functionality of the website. Moreover, thousands of developers and contributors are continuously working on improvements.

Why Choose WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the best, most popular plugins in the official WordPress library and seamlessly integrates with this dominating CMS to create excellent eCommerce websites. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why WooCommerce is often preferred over other eCommerce platforms.

Easy Setup

WooCommerce offers a user-friendly setup UI, through which even non-technical users can convert their websites into eStores easily.


Extensive Customizations

Being a part of WordPress, there is a wide range of themes and plugins, allowing for extensive customizations for the WooCommerce stores.


Payment & Shipping Options

Using WooCommerce extensions you can integrate WooCommerce bookings with popular payment gateways like PayPal and UPI, and go for customized shipping options.


SEO-friendly Architecture

WooCommerce offers features like clean URLs, customizable meta tags, and SEO plugin integration to get your website to the top.


Analytics & Reporting

WooCommerce offers built-in analytics and reporting tools. So you'll have insights into sales, customer behavior, and inventory management.


Flexibility & Scalability

WooCommerce offers superior flexibility and scalability through its plugins to ensure website expansion as the business sees growth.

WooCommerce Website Development Process

BrainSpate - a WooCommerce development company that provides a client-centric process of WooCommerce store development. Our technical and non-technical experts are constantly in touch with the clients to provide them with constant updates regarding the progress of the WooCommerce blocks. That means everyone is in the loop throughout the WooCommerce ecommerce development process which makes us a leading WooCommerce development company across the globe.
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Research & Consultation

First, our experts will research and analyze your initial requirements. Then there will be an extensive consultation to ensure that your WooCommerce store requirements, expense, and delivery timeline are streamlined.
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Front-end Development

After we've got down everything regarding your design and feature requirements, our front-end design team will get to work on the designing portion of developing or customizing a WooCommerce.
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Back-end Development

Then, after the front end is done, our back-end team will start working on the server-side components of your website. That also means developing and integrating the behind-the-scenes for the front-end components.
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QA & Testing

After the development process is over, the QA & testing team will analyze the design and features of your website to check its quality, reliability, and functionality. Any errors will be worked on by the development team.

Want WooCommerce Web Development Services?

Whether you are planning for a small eStore or a comprehensive marketplace, our WooCommerce experts at BrainSpate are here to assist you with online store development requirements.

Why Choose Us for WooCommerce
Development Services?

BrainSpate is a leading eCommerce development company holding expertise in creating nearly every type of online store for different industrial domains. Whether you want a simple one-page product listing site or a comprehensive multi-brand marketplace.


Our WooCommerce team has vast experience in of WooCommerce development, customization, migration, and maintenance.

No Time Zone

Our development and non-technical teams are comfortable with any time zone, whether you are in NA, EU, Australia, or somewhere else.


We always keep our clients in the loop on every step of the process so that any changes can be handled instantly.

Flexible Hiring

With BrainSpate, you can opt for an hourly, fixed cost, or dedicated team hiring model according to your eCommerce requirements.

We're Expert in Popular Themes & Plugins for WooCommerce Development

As you already know, WooCommerce is a part of the WordPress ecosystem. So understandably, the best way to customize the eCommerce website is through WordPress themes and plugins.

Whether you want better speed and performance, or to rank the website on the SERPs, everything can be customized and improved through plugins like Yoast, WP Rocket, RankMath, and more. We also use some outstanding themes like Astra, Divi, Elementor, Avada, and more to make sure the design captivates the eyes of your customers.

WooCommerce Plugins and Themes

Our Latest WooCommerce Development Work

Thinking about getting a new WooCommerce store? Then check out our portfolio and take a look at our latest work. You'll better understand our development process and results in terms of WooCommerce store development.
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See What Our Clients Say

BrainSpate follows a client-centric approach to ensure the clients are always in the loop. So any customization requests can be fulfilled more quickly. Here’s what our clients have to say about that.

Colleen Shields

Founder @Rescuemeds
I recently worked with Brainspate on the development of my eCommerce store. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. The overall quality of their work was top-notch and they were also able to finish the project in a timely manner.

Yoav Mor

Founder @Sphereo
Working with Brainspate has been a great experience. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand my business needs and provide the best solutions for our eCommerce development project. I highly recommend Brainspate for any eCommerce development work that you may need!
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People often have some doubts and queries regarding WooCommerce development. So we have compiled a list of the most frequently-asked questions to make the process a little easier for you.

1.Why hire a WooCommerce development company?


Hiring a WooCommerce development company can help you with several benefits. First and foremost, a WooCommerce development company has the expertise of creating high-quality online stores. They can help comprehensively customize the website to match specific business requirements in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Plus, they provide ongoing technical support and design the websites with future growth in mind.

2.I already have a WordPress website. But now I want to convert my website into an eStore. What next?


The developers at BrainSpate have ample experience to convert your regular WordPress website into an online store by integrating it with WooCommerce.

We’ll first analyze your website. Then, our developers will install WooCommerce in the WordPress dashboard and configure the setting to create the WooCommerce plugin settings. At this point, your store will be ready for customizations.

Then, we’ll customize the store and add the products and categories. Then we’ll set up the payment gateways for the customers to pay online. After that the shipping options will be configured and other plugins will be integrated for enhanced features and collecting WooCommerce data.

Finally, the WooCommerce website will be tested and readied for deployment.

3.What are the different hiring models for developing my WooCommerce website?


BrainSpate can help you create excellent WooCommerce websites through three different engagement models: Fixed-rate, Monthly, and Dedicated teams.

4.How long will it take for you to develop a WooCommerce website?


The development of a basic version of WooCommerce takes around a few weeks to a couple months. However, when it comes to more complex websites, the development time may take a little longer. But it’s important to note that the actual timeline of WooCommerce store development can vary based on the project complexities and specific requirements.

You must consult with experienced WooCommerce developers to obtain a more accurate cost and timeline estimate for your project.

5.What are the top benefits of WooCommerce website development services?


A full-fledged WooCommerce store offers multiple benefits for businesses from ranking on SERP’s first page, and an increase in website traffic, to generating quality eCommerce sales. Let us list the core benefits of WooCommerce store for you:

  • Easy-to-access
  • Easy inventory management
  • SEO optimized store
  • Attractive custom WooCommerce templates
  • Responsive
  • Huge Community Support

6.How does WooCommerce help businesses?


Each business is located at a particular address, and there are tons of real customers searching online for the same products/services out there but can’t reach out due to massive gap between locations and payment flexibility. And there’s where the WooCommerce comes in; where a customer can reach out to businesses from anywhere, share their requirements, and get the desired services/product at the client’s doorstep – even if clients include some specifications also using WooCommerce both the side can complete the entire shipping process hassle-freely.

7.Can I use WooCommerce to sell my subscription-based products or services?


You can easily sell your subscription-based products or services on the WooCommerce platform. With the help of WooCommerce extensions or custom extension development, you are able to add WooCommerce subscriptions based functionality to your existing ecommerce store and it helps you to boost your sales.

8.How can I implement new features into my existing WooCommerce store?


WooCommerce is an open-source platform, it allows the integration of any third-party extensions based on your requirements and it has a huge inventory of free or freemium extensions. With WooCommerce extensions, you can implement advanced and new features into your existing WooCommerce store.