Our B2B eCommerce Development Services

Leveraging the power of cloud technology and our API proficiency, we craft future-proof eCommerce experiences. Our commitment extends beyond development, as we provide continuous support that guarantees seamless operations and delivers maximum ROI.


Custom B2B eCommerce Development

Go beyond off-the-shelf solutions. We build custom B2B eCommerce platforms tailored to your unique business needs, workflows, and pricing structures.


Third-Party B2B eCommerce Integration

Connect your B2B eCommerce platform with existing systems like CRM, ERP, and inventory management. Ensure smooth data flow and eliminate manual processes.


Headless B2B eCommerce Development

We build a powerful back-end that integrates with your desired front-end, allowing to create a custom user interface optimized for the B2B buyer journey.


Cloud-based B2B eCommerce Development

Our experts develop B2B eCommerce platforms in a secure cloud environment, ensuring high performance, and the ability to adapt to your business growth.


API Development for B2B eCommerce

We develop secure and efficient APIs for your B2B eCommerce platform, enabling functionalities like product data exchange and customer authentication.


B2B eCommerce Support & Maintenance

We don't stop at launch. This ongoing support ensures your B2B eCommerce platform runs smoothly, receives timely updates, and addresses possible errors.

B2B eCommerce Development Company in India

Boost B2B growth with our expert B2B eCommerce development services in India. BrainSpate crafts custom platforms tailored precisely to your business requirements, seamlessly integrating with your CRM, ERP, and warehouse systems. Our headless architecture offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering you to design a user-friendly interface optimized for B2B buyers.

With cloud technology, we construct secure and scalable platforms capable of evolving alongside your business. Our API development guarantees seamless data exchange for functionalities such as product listings and order fulfillment. Furthermore, our continuous support ensures the smooth operation of your platform, maximizing your B2B eCommerce ROI.

Seeking top-tier B2B eCommerce development expertise?

Connect with BrainSpate's professionals for your B2B eCommerce development needs, whether you're establishing a streamlined store for your enterprise or building a comprehensive marketplace.

Why Choose Us for B2B eCommerce Development?

At BrainSpate, we excel in B2B eCommerce development, boasting a track record of success across diverse industries. From streamlined single-page product listings to complex multi-brand marketplaces, we tailor solutions to match your unique needs. Our team's expertise ensures innovative and scalable platforms that drive growth and exceed expectations.

Experience with B2B eCommerce

We're B2B professionals, crafting custom platforms with features like complex pricing and advanced workflows for a smooth B2B buying experience.

Scalable B2B eCommerce Solutions

Our B2B platforms are built to grow. Leveraging the cloud's power for scalability and agility our solutions adapt to your evolving business needs.

UI/UX Focused B2B eCommerce

We prioritize user engagement. Our B2B eCommerce platforms ensure intuitive navigation and efficient order management, optimizing the B2B buyer experience.

Security and Compliance Expertise

Safeguarded with robust security measures and compliance expertise, our B2B platforms safeguard sensitive data, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind.

Custom B2B eCommerce Development Solutions for Every Industry

Delivering custom B2B eCommerce services precisely crafted to cater to the specific requirements of diverse sectors. Our tailored approach ensures seamless functionality and optimal performance, empowering businesses across industries to thrive in the digital landscape.

Industrial Manufacturers

Streamline B2B sales with custom eCommerce features like volume discounts, configurable quotes, and real-time inventory management.


Wholesale Trade

Manage bulk orders, create custom pricing structures, and facilitate seamless EDI integration for a smooth wholesale experience.



Ensure HIPAA compliance and secure data exchange with B2B platforms tailored for medical equipment and healthcare supplies.


Fashion & Apparel

Automate B2B order processing, integrating product lifecycle management systems and features like seasonal collections.

Features of Our B2B eCommerce Development Services

Experience the future of B2B eCommerce with our feature-rich development services tailored to your unique needs.

User-friendly Navigation

Simplify complex B2B catalogs with easy search, filters, and clear product categorization. Empower your buyers to find what they need quickly and boost conversion rates.


Detailed Product Catalog

We provide rich product information with specifications, data sheets, high-quality images, and videos. Offer informed purchase decisions without sales agent assistance.


Multiple Price Lists and Quotes

Our platform handles volume discounts, custom pricing, and negotiated contracts with ease. Generate custom quotes and tiered pricing structures for seamless transactions.


Bulk Ordering

Enable features like minimum order quantities, automatic discounts, and easy reordering. Save your B2B buyers time and effort while streamlining purchases.


Real-time Inventory Visibility

Build trust and transparency with live inventory updates. Ensure B2B buyers know exactly what's in stock and avoid backorders or delays.


Flexible Payment Options

Accommodate different B2B payment preferences. Integrate secure options like credit cards, ACH payments, and purchase orders for a smooth checkout experience.

Our B2B eCommerce Development Process

Through regular feedback loops and continuous refinement, we ensure that our B2B eCommerce development evolves in line with your business goals and market demands. Our dedication to improvement stands competitive, scalable, and primed for long-term success in the dynamic digital landscape.
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Research & Consultation

We begin by understanding your business goals, target audience, and specific needs. This collaborative process ensures a B2B platform perfectly tailored to your unique requirements.
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Design & Development

Leveraging your insights, our expert developers build a secure and scalable B2B eCommerce platform. This involves integrating with existing systems and crafting custom features.
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QA & Testing

Before launch, our team precisely tests every aspect of the platform. It ensures a smooth user experience, flawless functionality, and robust security measures for your B2B transactions.
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Finally, we launch your B2B eCommerce platform, ensuring a smooth transition for your business and customers. This includes data migration, user training, and go-live support.

Want to build the best B2B eCommerce solutions?

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency with our custom B2B eCommerce solutions. Gain real-time insights and make smarter business decisions.

Our Latest eCommerce Development Work

Here is a portfolio of our latest work in eCommerce development. Our developers can help create excellent online stores for your company, regardless of its size or industrial domain.
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Dinkela provides Individual prints and lasers on old and new wood. Contour cuts and object construction made of wood for corporate and private customers.


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See What Our Clients Say

BrainSpate follows a client-centric approach to ensure the clients are always in the loop. So any customization requests can be fulfilled more quickly. Here’s what our clients have to say about that.

Colleen Shields

Founder @Rescuemeds
I recently worked with Brainspate on the development of my eCommerce store. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. The overall quality of their work was top-notch and they were also able to finish the project in a timely manner.

Yoav Mor

Founder @Sphereo
Working with Brainspate has been a great experience. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand my business needs and provide the best solutions for our eCommerce development project. I highly recommend Brainspate for any eCommerce development work that you may need!
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Have questions about B2B eCommerce development? We've got answers! Explore our FAQs to learn more about the process, security, and how to maximize your B2B online sales success.

1.How long does it take to develop a custom B2B eCommerce platform?


The development timeline depends on the complexity of your platform’s features and functionalities. However, for a basic B2B eCommerce platform, we can typically deliver a solution within 1-3 months. For more complex platforms with extensive integrations, the timeframe may adjust accordingly.

2.What level of security measures do you implement to protect sensitive data?


We prioritize data security with robust security measures like encryption, access controls, and regular vulnerability assessments. Our B2B eCommerce experts also adhere to industry best practices and compliance standards to ensure the safekeeping of your business and customer information.

3.How do you ensure a user-friendly experience for our B2B customers?


Our team of experts design user interfaces with B2B buyers in mind, focusing on intuitive navigation, clear product information, and streamlined ordering processes. We also consider features like account management, self-service options, and robust search functionalities to enhance the overall user experience.

4.What are the KPIs you track to measure the success of the B2B eCommerce platform?


There are a range of key performance indicators (KPIs) we use to measure your platform’s success. This includes metrics like conversion rates, average order value, customer acquisition cost, and customer lifetime value. We also define the most relevant KPIs for your business goals and provide regular reports to monitor progress and identify areas for optimization.

5.What measures do you take to Integrate with existing systems?


At BrainSpate, we employ a precise approach to system integration, beginning with a comprehensive analysis of your existing systems. Leveraging APIs and custom solutions, we ensure seamless integration, enabling efficient data exchange and workflow continuity for your business needs.