Our eCommerce Consultation Services

At BrainSpate, our eCommerce consultants are well-experienced in every aspect of eCommerce development and customization. Whether you're creating a new website or customizing an existing one, our experts can take it to the next level.


eCommerce Development Consultation

Acting as trusted advisors, we understand your requirements and help you build the best eCommerce websites and apps. We make sure your eStore is set for long-term success.


eCommerce Platform Selection & Implementation

Based on your budget and requirements, we help you choose the best eCommerce development platform from a plethora of options. And we guide you through the implementation for a seamless launch.


Headless Commerce Implementation

BrainSpate consultants help you determine whether headless commerce is suitable for you or not. And we steer you through the frontend and backend development for truly unique results.


Modular Microservices-Based eCommerce Solutions

Our experts can explain the advantages of the modular approach and assist you in the implementation. So your eCommerce store remains scalable and manageable as the business grows.


Market Analysis & Competitor Research

Our eCommerce consultants are experts at analyzing market trends, competitors, and customer behavior. Based on that, we can offer you some valuable insights for data-driven decisions.


Third-party eCommerce Integrations

Want an accounting software, an email marketing platform, a CRM system, or something else in your eCommerce store? Then we can help guide you through a smooth selection & integration.

BrainSpate’s Expertise in eCommerce Consulting

BrainSpate is well regarded as one of the top eCommerce development companies. However, our expertise extends beyond development. We understand that launching a successful online store requires more than just a website. That's why we offer comprehensive eCommerce consulting services to help you navigate the complexities of the digital marketplace.

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced eCommerce consultants. They understand every detail of the eCommerce industry and constantly stay updated on the latest trends. So, whether you need help selecting the right platform or require a complete roadmap for development and customization, Our eCommerce consultants can guide you every step of the way.

Our eCommerce Consultation can Take Your eStore to the Next Level!

At BrainSpate, we have a team of eCommerce consultants who can help you with the smallest to the biggest queries related to your eStore.

Cost-effective Consultation

Without overhead costs, hiring our eCommerce consultants can be significantly cost-effective.


Top Talents Available

We have a successful record of delivering the best headless commerce solutions.


Strategic Roadmap

Our consultants don't just solve immediate issues; we chart a clear course for future growth.


Data-driven Approach

We offer the best consultation for every aspect of your eStore based on the data available.


Focus on Your Business

We tell you how to handle the development side, while you run the business side.


Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our consultants stay updated with the latest trends, so the store stays competitive for long.

Need help with your eCommerce queries?

Our eCommerce consultants will analyze your requirements and discuss your queries and uncertainties with utmost dedication.

eCommerce Consultancy Solutions

With our eCommerce services, we cover a bunch of solutions, from user experience to operational optimization. Whether you are a startup venturing into the market or an established store refining your strategy, these solutions will be helpful.

eCommerce Planning & Strategy


eCommerce Site Development


Implementation & Optimization


Customer Journey Mapping


Omnichannel Marketing


Market Research & Analysis


Third-party Integrations


Technology & Platform Solutions


Customer Engagement Strategy

Consultation Strategies to Transform your eCommerce Business

At BrainSpate, we offer some key strategies to transform your eCommerce business effectively. Here’s what our experts cover through our services.

In-depth Analysis and Assessment

  • Analyze the platform performance, marketing efforts, customer experience metrics, and conversion rates.
  • Understand your target audience, industry trends, and competitor strengths and weaknesses.
  • Pinpoint areas where your eCommerce business is underperforming and suggest improvement opportunities.

Collaborative Strategy Development

  • Define clear and measurable goals aligned with your overall business objectives. Is it increasing sales, brand awareness, etc.?
  • Craft a comprehensive roadmap outlining the steps like platform optimization, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Leverage data and analytics to inform your strategic decisions and ensure your efforts have a good impact.

Implementation and Optimization

  • Break down the transformation process into manageable phases, prioritizing initiatives based on urgency and potential impact.
  • Consultants can help navigate internal resistance and ensure a smooth transition to new processes and technologies.
  • Monitor key metrics and adjust your strategy based on results. A/B testing and data analysis are key for ongoing optimization.

Specialized Expertise

  • Advise on platform selection and integrations, and ensure your technology stack is aligned with your business needs.
  • Develop a data-driven marketing strategy that attracts and engages your target audience across various channels.
  • Create a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience that fosters customer loyalty and repeat business.

Ongoing Support and Partnership

  • Maintain regular communication with your consultant to address emerging challenges for an adaptable strategy.
  • Consultants can keep you informed of the latest industry trends and technologies to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Plan for future growth by ensuring your eCommerce infrastructure can handle increasing demand with good adaptability.

What is eCommerce Consulting?

Sometimes, to get to the next level, all a business is guidance. For those looking to succeed in the online marketplace industry, eCommerce consulting can be that helping hand. Basically, you are advised by a team of experts on everything related to selling your products and services online.

Building a Good eCommerce Strategy

Consultants will help you create an effective eCommerce development strategy. That involves defining your target market. You will need to understand the target demographics, needs, and online behavior. They'll also conduct a thorough competitor landscape analysis, identifying their strengths and weaknesses. With this knowledge, they can craft a winning roadmap that aligns with your unique business goals and budget. And they will implement the latest trends and tactics to make sure your store is future-proof.

Optimizing the Customer Experience

A good user experience makes all the difference between a one-time visitor and a loyal customer who keeps coming back for more. First, the consultants identify the pain points on the site with respect to the user experience, from product search to checkout, and even beyond. Based on their findings, they recommend solutions for optimizing every little aspect of the site for an excellent user experience. Some common implementations are done in the navigation, design, payment gateway, checkout, etc. Better customer experience means better customer lifetime value.

Executing Conversion Rate Optimization

Are your site visitors not making any purchases? The gap between those who browse and those who buy is bridged by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Consultants will analyze user behavior data to understand how visitors interact with your website. That means analyzing the click-through rate and checking where the visitors abandon their carts. Based on that, the experts suggest A/B testing with elements like product descriptions, calls to action (CTAs), or even the layout of your product pages. CRO removes any potential obstacles, so the customers complete the purchase.

Integrating Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the most powerful channels of digital marketing. So eCommerce consultants create social media strategies to help connect with the target audience and build good brand awareness. They will help you with engaging content ideas and create posting calendars for each platform. So the content resonates with the target demographics. You also get advice on running targeted social media ad campaigns for better reach. It also involves encouraging customer engagement through social listening and responding to comments and messages promptly.

Using Email Marketing for Customer Retention

Email marketing is excellent for nurturing leads, promoting products, and driving repeat business. eCommerce consultants help create targeted email campaigns for different customer segments. That means segmenting your email lists based on the demographics, purchase history, and browsing behavior. Then you get guidance on creating personalized email content and strategy. The consultants can also help you promote blog posts, special offers, or new product announcements through email newsletters. It helps nurture leads and encourage repeat purchases.

Implementing Inventory Management

Inventory management helps avoid stockouts and overstocking. The former leads to lost sales and frustrated customers and the latter ties up capital in unused inventory. So the consultants help implement inventory management based on factors like the number of products you sell, the volume of orders you receive, and your budget. They can also help you set reorder points. So your inventory is restocked before it runs out. Plus, the consultants can optimize your fulfillment process. It helps make sure the orders are picked, packed, and shipped accurately and efficiently.

Optimizing for Mobile Commerce (mCommerce)

A vast majority of the population shops online with their smartphones and tablets. So the eCommerce consultants help optimize your online store for mobile commerce with responsive design, fast loading speeds, simple navigation, and easy checkout. They make the fonts easy-to-read and optimize the images for quick loading. For even faster site speed on mobile devices, they suggest code compression and CDN implementation. They recommend simplifying your navigation menus, so they are easy to read and interact with. And the lengthy checkout process is swapped for one-click checkouts.

Analytics & Performance Tracking

Consultants can help you set up website analytics. It helps gain valuable insights into customer behavior in your online store. That entails integrating tools like Google Analytics for tracking website traffic, user demographics, user journeys, and conversion rates. Based on the data, they can identify the areas of improvement and suggest the best course of action. It involves optimizing the site, checking the marketing campaigns, and overall eCommerce strategy for better performance.

See What Our Clients Say

BrainSpate follows a client-centric approach to ensure the clients are always in the loop. So any customization requests can be fulfilled more quickly. Here’s what our clients have to say about that.

Colleen Shields

Founder @Rescuemeds
I recently worked with Brainspate on the development of my eCommerce store. They were extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. The overall quality of their work was top-notch and they were also able to finish the project in a timely manner.

Yoav Mor

Founder @Sphereo
Working with Brainspate has been a great experience. They have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who understand my business needs and provide the best solutions for our eCommerce development project. I highly recommend Brainspate for any eCommerce development work that you may need!
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eCommerce consultation is a significant first step in creating a new eCommerce business as well as optimizing an existing one. So there are bound to be some queries. Here are a few common-asked queries and our responses to the same.

1.Do I need an eCommerce consulting?


Whether you need a consultant depends on your specific needs and experience level. Here are some signs that a consultant could be beneficial:

  • You’re new to eCommerce and need guidance on getting started.
  • Your online store isn’t performing as well as you’d hoped.
  • You’re looking for ways to improve your website’s design, functionality, or marketing strategy.
  • You want to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest eCommerce trends.

2.Why Hire One? Can't I Do It Myself?


Sure, you can try! But consultants can save you time and frustration. Think of a consultant as a coach or mentor. They can guide you, share their knowledge, and equip you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed. Although you can DIY, a consultant can accelerate your growth and help you achieve your goals faster and more effectively.

3.How much does eCommerce consulting cost?


The cost of eCommerce consulting services varies depending on a bunch of factors.

  • Consultant experience: More experienced consultants with a proven track record will typically command higher hourly rates.
  • Project scope: Simple tasks like website audits might have a fixed fee, while complex ongoing projects involving strategy development and implementation will cost more.
  • Engagement model: Consultants can charge by the hour, offer retainer packages for a set number of hours per month, or have fixed fees for specific deliverables.

At BrainSpate, we offer flexible engagement models, so you can find a solution that fits your budget.

4. I'm running a small business. Can eCommerce consulting still help me?


Absolutely! In fact, eCommerce consulting can be especially beneficial for small businesses. Consultants can help you avoid costly mistakes and ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your online sales goals. Here’s how:

  • Consultants can help you compete by identifying target markets with less competition and optimizing your store accordingly.
  • We can help you make the most of your resources by prioritizing the most impactful improvements for your store.
  • Our experts can help you set up a user-friendly and secure online store. We ensure a smooth customer experience from browsing to checkout.
  • If you’re new to eCommerce, a consultant can act as your guide. We can help you with best practices, emerging trends, and navigating common pitfalls.

5.My online store is doing okay, but I want to grow it even bigger. Can consultants still help?


You bet! Our eCommerce consultation can be a valuable asset for taking your growth to the next level. Here’s how:

  • We bring a fresh perspective and can identify areas for improvement that you might have missed.
  • We offer specialized expertise in areas like SEO, PPC advertising, social media marketing, CRO, etc.
  • Consultants can help you develop strategies to handle increased demand without compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.
  • Our consultants are experts in data analysis. Based on your site performance, we can give you valuable insights into how your customers behave and what resonates with them.

6.Can a consultant help me with marketing my online store?


Absolutely! Consultants can be a game-changer for your online store’s marketing. They can start by helping you define your target audience, understanding their demographics, shopping habits, and online behavior.
Based on that, they help with social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, and more.

7.How long will it take to see results from e-commerce consultation?


The time frame depends on the complexity of the project and your starting point. For instance, let’s say your website has basic usability issues or needs minor content revisions. Then the consultant can implement the changes and you might see a lift in conversion rates fairly quickly. However, broader strategies like overhauling your marketing strategy or optimizing the site comprehensively take more time to show results.
At BrainSpate, we set realistic expectations based on your specific goals and keep you informed on progress along the way.

8.I already have a marketing team. How can a consultant complement their work?


Consultants can provide a valuable outside perspective and identify blind spots your internal team might miss. They can also offer specialized expertise in areas that your team might not have, like CRO or paid advertising.
eCommerce consultants can act as a strategic partner to your existing marketing team, helping them to take their efforts to the next level.

9.What happens after the consultation period ends?


Our eCommerce consultants empower you to manage your store independently. So you can maintain and build upon it with ease. We provide clear recommendations, roadmaps for future growth, and ongoing support as needed.
We make sure of a smooth transition after the consultation period and set you up for long-term success.

10.I'm concerned about giving a consultant access to my store's data.


Our expert consultants prioritize data security. They understand the sensitive nature of your store’s information and take steps to safeguard it. We are always happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect your confidential business information.
During the consultation process, don’t hesitate to ask about our data security measures and we’ll be happy to explain the protocols and put your mind at ease.

11.What is eCommerce consulting services?


eCommerce consulting services are professional services provided by experts who help companies to improve their online sales performance. These consultants offer strategic advice and practical solutions on various aspects such as website design, user experience, digital marketing, SEO, inventory management, and customer service. Their goal is to optimize the client’s eCommerce operations, increase traffic, enhance customer engagement, and boost conversion rates, ultimately driving sales and profitability.

12.What is the role of an eCommerce consultant?


An eCommerce consultant’s role is to advise businesses on improving their online sales and operations. They analyze current eCommerce strategies, identify areas for improvement, and provide expert guidance on website optimization, digital marketing, SEO, user experience, and inventory management. Their goal is to enhance customer engagement, increase traffic, and boost conversion rates to drive overall sales and profitability.